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Gold Express

Onomichi Dockyard Co., Ltd. has completed construction of the GOLD EXPRESS, a 47,000DWT product carrier, for Venus Ocean Navigation S.A. of Panama. The vessel is 182.50m long, 32.20m wide, and 18.10m deep, and has a total cargo tank capacity of 53,500m3 capable of carrying four different types of cargo liquids such as gasoline, light oil, naphtha, etc...

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Sunny Dream

Shin Kurushima Dockyard Co., Ltd. (SKD) completed construction of the 12,000DWT chemical tanker, SUNNY DREAM (HN: 5572), for the co-owners, Asahi Tanker Co., Ltd. and Solar Ships and Trading S.A., at the Hashihama Shipyard. The vessel has 16 cargo tanks and 2 cargo tanks on the upper deck, the material of which is high-grade stainless steel. Loading of various types of chemicals is possible. Cargo tank bulkheads are vertically corrugated bulkheads, and deck longitudinals and transversals are arranged on the upper deck. This design eliminates hull members inside the cargo tanks...

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African Kingfisher

Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation delivered the AFRICAN KINGFISHER (HN: 1616), a 55,100DWT bulk carrier completed by its Kobe Shipyard, to its owner, Handbell Shipping S.A., on Aug. 24, 2009. The company created some of the highest quality cargo ships of the world and even got some great innovations in cruise ships and yachts building. The vessel is the 27th of the Kawasaki 55,000DWT bulk carriers. The bulk carrier is the flush deck type with the forecastle and has five cargo holds, the shape of which are optimized for loading and transport of bulk cargoes of cereals...

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Darya Lakshmi

Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., (MES) delivered the 56,000DWT type bulk carrier, DARYA LAKSHMI (HN: 1754), at its Tamano Works to the Owner, Lakshmi Navigation Limited of Hong Kong managed by Chellaram Shipping (Hong Kong) Ltd., on July 31, 2009. The ships from the series are handymax type bulk carrier of 56,000DWT with a huge cargo hold capacity of over 70,000m3 and is the 89th ship of its series. The series is widely called “Mitsui’s 56" and is highly appreciated in the market. More than 150 ships of this series have been ordered from MES...

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Correla Arrow

Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. delivered the 72,863DWT CORRELA ARROW, the world’s largest open-hatch bulk carriers for general cargoes, to Glory Ocean Shipping S.A. in May 2009.The company is well known with building some of the largest Asian Cargo ships and cruise ships. The design allows accommodating a variety of cargoes including pulp, packaged lumber, ore, grain, roll paper, alminum ingots, coal and other solid bulk cargoes. Two electric-powered gantry cranes manufactured by Iknow Machinery Co., Ltd. are installed on the upper deck...

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High Current

Naikai Zosen Corporation has delivered the 46,590DWT product tanker, HIGH CURRENT (HN: 720), to its owner Ansei Product S.A. of Panama at the Setoda Works. The HIGH GLOW has the maximized beam to go through the Panama Canal. The ships from the class the high profitable and very useful for the shipowners. It is designed with double bottom and double side shells, complying with the MARPOL requirements and can carry various products including petroleum products (light and heavy oils), crude oil, and palm oil....

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